Axis 360 - from Baker & Taylor

OverDriveBaker & Taylor provide a small number of materials that can be used to help market their Axis360 eBook service - but most, if not all of those are geared towards print use - not for website use.

When you become an Axis360 library customer, they provide you with a username and password to access to a "CustomReach" website where bookmarks, posters, training videos and press releases can be downloaded. A screen copy of the CustomReach member page is shown below.

As to finding web graphics? It's hit or miss. We've provided a few below that were found during a simple web search (right-click and save to your computer, then insert into your web page).

If anyone knows a more extensive set of resources for marketng Axis360 via the library's website, please let us know, and we'll update this page.

Web Graphics
Right-click on any of these graphics and choose "Save As" to save them to your computer. Then upload / insert them onto your web page(s), and hyperlink them to your Axis360 eBook collection.

(Need help resizing these or other images so that they fit properly on your web page? Visit the "Web Utilities" section of the toolbox and check out the "PicMonkey" service.)



Screen copy of CustomReach page after user login...